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Extinct birds and scarce birds
Approximately 26 species of birds are known to have become extinct since people began recording wild birds in the early 17th century to this day. Added to this, the deterioration of the environment worldwide in recent years has increased the number of endangered species. In Gould's time, the world must have been a much better place for birds to live in than today, since humankind's influence over nature was not as strong. However, even in those days, there were species that had just became extinct, or nearing that danger, and such species appear in Gould's work. There are other birds appearing in Gould's work that have drastically diminished in their numbers. We cannot help wondering, 100 years from now, at the dawn of the 22nd century, how many species will have become extinct.
From the extinct or scarce birds found in Gould's works, here we have chosen the Great Auk, the Brown Kiwi, and the Takahe.